Inspired By “Quit[ting] Your Day Job”

Photo by e.m.papers on Etsy. See link to shop below.
4 years ago, I stumbled across Etsy (if you haven’t spent time browsing this source of “everything handmade”, you need to get out from under that rock you’re living because craftsmanship is making a massive comeback and it’s about time)…. not only an incredible online network of shops dedicated to creating products by hand for a planet-sized audience but also a wonderful network of writers set on inspiring creative greatness and, personally, gave me the confidence to know that I can take my craft (no matter how big or small it may be) and make it my livelihood.

How did they do this? They spoke with online shop owners and transcribed those interviews into the section of their blog entitled “Quit Your Day Job”. Doesn’t that sound nice? That job that you do though you don’t like it only because you need to pay the  bills; these articles leave you yearning to transform those cranky, unfulfilled days into a thing of the past. I became OBSESSED with reading the stories of these brave, creative individuals and how their lives seem… not easy, as owning your own business and crafting your product by hand is certainly not easy, but simple. They run their lives from the moment they wake up (when they choose) to how they spend their days (how they choose to) to the moment their day ends (when and where they like) by their own design.

It started me thinking, “I spend 1/3 of my life sleeping, 1/3 of my life with my friends and family, and an entire 1/3 of my life working…the latter is necessary – yes – but why am I spending it doing something I don’t love?”
Thus ensued my eventual build up to Elk Design and creating textiles by hand to sell to local and worldwide artisans, designers, and fabric enthusiasts. As I mentioned in my last post, “In a Candy Store”  – it’s important to be inspired to do the things to do and why not see how that looks to others? This may  help you remember what it could look like for you as it’s easy to forget! Check it out here.
Here’s a quote from the recent “Quit your Day Job” interview with e.m.papers (a custom stationary design shop out of Munich, photo provided above) that I particularly enjoyed:
“I also just love being my own boss. Basically I can design the life I want, on my terms.” 
those last three words really hit home for me! how about you?

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