{www.Kickstarter.com} your Idea!

I was recently introduced to Kickstarter.com by a good friend and fellow creative-career
type; I instantly fell for its purpose. In itself it is an exceptional idea: who can afford, these days, to invest in businesses no matter how much we believe in the objective?

We’re having a hard enough time supporting our own businesses. Yet, we believe these small projects are what will save the future from being overrun by big box, consumer driven, corporation. What if you could back/invest in a creative company/person anywhere in the world that you believe is leading the drive for innovation?

Kickstarter.com Front Page
Kickstarter is a “funding platform” (kickstarter.com) and a community of people with great ideas but as they may be new (or just undiscovered by someone with deep pockets) in the world of typical business, they are having a hard time generating  funding necessary to make their dreams thrive. I’ve spent hours browsing the outstanding ideas/talent on the network and am so excited to see these new businesses/people get to hit the ground running thanks to Kickstarter and its “backers”!
Be a part of the future of creative business, however big or small your contribution may be, or just spread the word by sharing Kickstarter.com with your friends!

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