Launching “The Inspired”

I’m thrilled to announce a new series of posts I’ve been meaning to launch for far longer than I care to admit… to start – let me share with you just a quick smattering of some of my favorite “awe” moments.

“The Inspired” will be a collection of posts focused on – guess what?

The inspired, inspiration, and awe-inspiring!
This word gets thrown around a lot and for a good reason – it’s a feeling that i’ve yet to find an equal. Ever read a particular book, looked at a piece of art, tasted a delicious food, gone on an amazing walk…. and experienced an overwhelming feeling that you can’t quite explain…somewhere between your stomach, throat and brain there’s a warmth that enlivens you, nearly bringing you to tears? If you haven’t, chances are, you’re probably still looking for something but can’t quite put your finger on it.
It’s safe to say I’ve never done anything worth any sort of value to me that i wasn’t first inspired to do… and i believe it’s the key factor in a life of true happiness and achievement!
With that, I will be posting my first installment of “The Inspired” very shortly! Can’t wait to share it with you.

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