About Elk

“Everything starts with a dot” – Wassily Kandinsky

Graduating as an Interior Designer from Vancouver Island University in 2007, I strive to use the invaluable experience I’ve gained over the last 7 years in the demanding construction industry to build a company dedicated to sustainable Textile art and design: Elk Textiles & Design

Currently, Elk  has little to no Google results, has no Facebook page, next to no tweets,  and no studio but DOES have an eager, experienced Designer ready to take on the demands and challenges of the textile industry at a time when the world is dreaming of locally sourced products and natural materials.

Inspired by the “Quit Your Day Job” Articles seen on one of her favorite handmade site, Etsy,  I’ve decided to document my entrepreneurial  journey via Building Elk. I want you to learn from my inevitable hurdles (so that you can maybe dodge them yourself), hear my struggles and goals, to give you tips, inspire you and for you to know that you are not alone in the excruciating uphill battle of building a business from the ground up.

Using all natural materials and dying techniques that date back thousands of years but reconnect us with our surroundings, I’m working to create textiles collections with unique, beautiful and durable fabrics that will be locally designed and printed in my hometown of Victoria, BC, Canada. The list of to-do’s before this dream can become a reality is very long; to be sure of a consistent and long lasting product, I plan to launch these collections to the home decor/design industries in one to two years time – providing the process necessary time to work out any of the inevitable kinks. All the while, I’ll keep you in the loop about any exciting upcoming projects and images of my current/finished textile designs.

Read my story and know that you are a part of a large community of hard workers eager to take back their time by becoming their own boss.

Follow me; give me advice, comment, learn and enjoy!

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